Uniko Handguard

Uniko Handguard

Model: 204178

Uniko Mounting instructions

The Uniko Handguard was developed through rigorous testing by top pro riders. Built to be lightweight and easy to mount, they are some of the best performing MX handguards out there.
Includes nylon mounting brackets and threaded brass bolts
Fits all standard bars
Mount kit included

Part #:
Black: 2041780001
Blue: 2041780003
Green: 2041780006
Orange: 2041780036
Red: 2041780004
Silver: 2041780012
White: 2041780002
Yellow: 2041780005
'16 Orange/White: 2041785321
Orange/White: 2041781362
Red/White: 2041781005

Retail Price $39.95