Minicross Rally Handguard

Minicross Rally Handguard

Model: 204167

Mounting Instructions

The Minicross Rally handguard will withstand the abuse of young riders; protecting kids’ hands and the bike’s levers from roost, branches, etc. The Minicross Rally is a must have for all young riders.
Includes a mount kit for 7/8” handlebars
Mounts to handlebars with bar inserts
Designed to fit all 60-100cc models (mount kits for oversized handlebars sold separately)
Protection on both sides of the front brake and clutch lever
Fits most ATV models using specific mounting kit

Part #:
Black: 2041670001
White: 2041670002
Yellow: 2041670230
Blue: 2041670211
Red: 2041670227

Retail Price: $69.95

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