Fulmine Headlight- LED 12v 27w

Fulmine Headlight- LED 12v 27w

Model: 267622

Mounting Instructions

Headlight- LED Fulmine 12v 27w

Universal low energy consumption mask ideal for off-road use
Guarantees maximum brightness and depth of detail in low light / no light conditions
Waterproof IP68: protection against permanent immersion in water up to 3 meters in depth
9 - led 3W light equal to 155W filament bulb
Lumen 2430
DC power supply (direct current) from 9 to 32 V
Led life expectancy: 50000 hours
Operating temperatures between -40° and +85° C
Cold white light approx. 6000K
Universal, easy and fast mounting with 4 elastic straps fastening onto the forks
Not suitable for road use

Part #'s
2676220001 - Black
2676225226 - Orange
2676220002 - White

MSRP $129.95