Skid Plate- SXF250/350, XCF250/350, FC250/350, FX350:19

Skid Plate- SXF250/350, XCF250/350, FC250/350, FX350:19

Model: 273637

Last generation skid plate with a built-in Linkage guard.
Printed linkage guard designed to protect the suspension link from impacts, mud, and sand. It allows the bike to easily slide over natural obstacles (whoops, rocks, logs etc.)
Plastic 6mm thick for the ultimate frame and engine protection
Protection areas extended over the engine covers, on the water pump, and on the footpeg mounts
Discharge areas to improve lightness and airflow and to ease the cleaning process behind the skid plate
Design developed to reduce the presence of mud and debris around the engine
Compatible with the ACERBIS X-POWER clutch and ignition covers
Molded Carbon-like texture
Easy mounting on the original fastenings of the bike

Applications: KTM-SXF250/350, XCF250/350
HUSKY-FC250/350, FX350:19

Part #'s
2736371035 - White/Black
2736375225 - 16' Orange/Black
2736375229 - Black/16' Orange

MSRP $79.95