Front Auxiliary Tank

Front Auxiliary Tank

Model: 204402

Mounting Instructions

Acerbis auxiliary tanks mount on the front forks in place of the front number plate/headlight. They carry extra fuel to increase fuel and fun range! Included mounting kit secures them to most front forks. The included siphon kit integrates the auxiliary tank with the bike’s main tank, allowing fuel to siphon from the auxiliary tank to the main tank while riding; there is no need to stop. The siphon kit drains the auxiliary tank completely before the main tank capacity is used.

Mounting hardware and siphon kit included

This tank is offered in two sizes:
0.8 gallon tank (10×9.5×3 inches)
1.3 gallon tank (10×9×4.75 inches)

Part #:
0.8gal: 2044020002
1.3gal: 2044030002

Retail Price: $129.95