Vision Handguard

Vision Handguard

Model: 236770

Installation manual

The Vision Hand guard is an innovative hand guard, fitted with adjustable LED lights (LED for low power consumption running off 4 watts p/side), giving you effective, additional light for extreme conditions. In addition to a headlight, the Vision Hand guards provide additional visibility both at night and during the day with a combined luminous efficiency of 300 lumens. The hand guards mount to both ends of the bar and have an on/off switch, which can also be mounted on the handlebars. The Vision is built around an aluminum bar for added durability and deflection from debris and the elements. It is a great addition to any off-road bike, ATV, or dual road. A universal mount kit, which fits most applications, is included.

Part #:
Black: 2367700001
White: 2367700002
Orange: 2367700237

Retail Price: $169.95

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