Fuel Tank- NX/DOMINATOR 88-91 6GAL

Fuel Tank- NX/DOMINATOR 88-91 6GAL

Model: 212563

Mounting Instructions

Fuel Tank- NX/DOMINATOR 88-91
Capacity: 6GAL

Acerbis fuel tanks provide additional fuel capacity while still providing slim ergonomics and sleek styling. Impact and abrasion resistant Polyurethane provides years of service with proper care. All Acerbis fuel tanks include Acerbis gas cap, *mounting kit, and vent hose. Applications that require special fuel Y-fittings, petcocks, etc. will come with the tank. EFI tanks do NOT come with the fuel pump; they are designed to accept the stock one.
*in some cases stock OEM parts/petcocks are required.

Part number:
2125630001 Black
2125630002 White

Price: $275.95