X-Factor Handguard

X-Factor Handguard

Model: 237419

Mounting Instructions

The X-Factor is an all-new handguard made for those looking for the ultimate in style and protection. Built for extreme riding conditions, the X-Factor features an oversized, 35mm, black anodized bar, with a 'C' shape design, which offers a higher level of impact resistance than standard aluminum bars. Comes complete with universal X-Factor mounting hardware. The dual-injected polypropylene shield features a carbon fiber like texture, three-bolt removal system for easy access to the bar, and a larger 150mm outer diameter that offers more coverage from roost, debris, and extreme conditions.

Part #:
Black: 2374190001
Blue: 2374190003
Green: 2374190006
Orange/Black: 2374191008
Orange/White: 2374191362
Red: 2374190004
White: 2374190002
Yellow: 2374190005
Red/White: 2374191005
16' KTM Orange: 2374195321

Retail Price: $139.95