KTM X-Seat 2007-10

KTM X-Seat 2007-10

Model: 214203

The Acerbis X-Seat debut set a new benchmark in the industry for its revolutionary design and technical features. Made entirely of one piece, the X-Seat has recently been updated and is now widely used by motocross and enduro riders who seek its lightness, exceptional durability, comfort and optimal grip.
Fully external plastic shell with anti-slip grip
Internal expanded foam for maximum comfort
Fully waterproof. Integrity of seat does not deteriorate after pressure washing.
Anti-slip grip
Washable with pressure washer and soap and water only; do NOT use chemicals or solvents.

Fits KTM models:
SX/SXF 250-505:07-10
XC-W/EXC 200-530:08-11

Part #:
Black: 2142030001
Orange: 2142030237

Retail Price: $199.95

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