Adventure Pant

Adventure Pant

Model: 240975

The Adventure pant is a dual-road/dual-sport pant made out of a waterproof durable high-density polyester material. It features a quilted membrane that is removable based on weather conditions. Additional ventilation located on the hips allows air-flow when needed. An adjustable hook and button closure and adjustable elastic straps at the waist allow for a comfortable fit around the waist. The pants also have two pockets and front and rear reflective inserts. The pants attach to either the Adventure or Creek jackets with a 3/4 body waist zipper.

• Inner Quilted lining and UREAMAX™ 5000/5000 ml. removable membrane
• Outer High density Polyester
• Ventilation on the hips
• Adjustable waist with elastic strap
• Hook and buttons closure
• Front and rear reflective inserts
• 2 pockets
• Zipper attachment to Jacket

Part #:
Small: 2409750001006
Medium: 2409750001007
Large: 2409750001008
XL: 2409750001009
XXL: 2409750001010
3XL: 2409750001011

Small: 2409751001006
Medium: 2409751001007
Large: 2409751001008
XL: 2409751001009
XXL: 2409751001010
3XL: 2409751001011

Retail Price: $184.95