Cosmo w/Jacket

Cosmo w/Jacket

Model: 218768

The Cosmo is the newest roost deflector model designed to accommodate a neck brace. The Cosmo features an ergonomic design that follows the natural shape of the rider’s back and features a removable bottom plate to accommodate riders with shorter torsos. Preformed PE padding provides EN1621 Level 1 protection in the front, while removable and washable EN1621 Level 2 certified back padding provides comfort and protection for the rider’s back. The Cosmo also features a built-in kidney belt and d30 shock absorbing material in the spinal column area that hardens instantly on impact to absorb shock.
The breathable mesh under-jacket that features shoulder and elbow that is EN 1621 – 1/97 certified. The lower portions of the under-jacket’s sleeves are removable, and the elbow protection is adjustable with elastic straps.

S/M 5’5" – 6’0"; 115-150lbs
L/XL 5’5"" – 6’0"; 150-180lbs
XXL 5’8" – 6’5"; 180-210lbs

S/M: 2187680002015
L/XL: 2187680002016
XXL: 2187680002010
S/M: 2187680001015
L/XL: 2187680001016
XXL: 2187680001010

New for 2014

Retail Price: $199.95

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