Rally Pro Handguard with X-Strong Mount Kit

Rally Pro Handguard with X-Strong Mount Kit

Model: 214200

Mounting Instructions

The Rally Pro X-Strong is a durable injection-molded Nylon composite handguard that features an anodized aluminum bar for ultimate protection. It includes an indexed steel bar-end insert that mounts solidly and will not allow the guard to rotate in a crash. The included X-Strong mount kit allows the protection to be mounted to the handlebar with plenty of room for cables and brake lines. Optional spoilers are sold separately.

Part #:
Black: 2142000001
Blue: 2142000211
CR Red: 2142000227
Green: 2142000006
Orange: 2142000237
Red: 2142000004
White: 2142000002
Yellow: 2142000005
2016 Orange: 2142005226

Retail Price: 104.95