Skid Plate- SX-F/XC-F450:16-18, FC450:16-18

Skid Plate- SX-F/XC-F450:16-18, FC450:16-18

Model: 244942

Mounting Instructions

Acerbis’ New KTM 450 Offroad Skid plate is made by using an innovative dual mold rubber injection system.
With this new system a thin layer of rubber is inserted between the NYLON skid plate and the contact
points of the frame. This enables more flexibility and a quieter ride. The skid plate also features molded-in
linkage protection and a carbon fiber texture. A Simple mounting system makes installation, cleaning, and
maintenance (like oil changes) a snap.

* Snug fit prevents mud/dirt/rock/debris from building up between the skid plate and the motor.

* Constructed of Nylon to add the strength and durability you’ve come to expect from Acerbis.

* STRATEGICally placed VENTS Allow the engine to run cooler.

* Much quieter AND Less expensive than aluminum and carbon fiber units.

* Does not vibrate during idle or resonate after contact.

* Does not affect frame rigidity/flex.

* Built in linkage protection.

Part #'s
2449425226 - '16 KTM-Orange/White
2449420001 - Black/Orange
2449421029 - White/Blue
2449421007 - Black/White

MSRP - $79.95